The Behringer EUROLIVE speaker lineup has been causing quite a stir among pro audio enthusiasts who are looking for decent performance for a great price. There are so many different configurations and styles that are offered in the EUROLIVE speaker range making it easy to find something for every type of performance condition you could think of. There are wood or molded style cabinets and active or passive models to choose from.

Behringer,B1200D,B 1200D,B1500HP,B 1500HP,B1500XP,B 1500XP,B1800XP,B 1800XP,VQ1500D,VQ 1500D,VQ1800D,VQ 1800D


B1200D, B1500HP, B1500XP, B1800XP, VQ1500D, VQ1800D

Which model of Subsafe would you require?


Would you be requiring a pair or a single Subsafe?

Pair, Single

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