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We get asked loads of questions about Subsafe, how its made, what people can do with them and so on and so on. We have listed the most popular ones we get but if you have a question that isn’t, please feel free to email us at

Subsafe is product that was designed to prevent guests at events from placing drinks and other damaging items on top of subwoofer speakers. Due to the angle of the Subsafe design, there is no way that they can put drinks or other items on it.

Subsafe was invented due to the previous point where guests were at an event that our founder Stuart was at. He had just bought new subs and this is what guests were doing and even after Stuart politely asked them to refrain from placing drinks on his subs, they just couldn’t care less. This inspired Stuart to do something about it and Subsafe was born!

Yes, this is true, you could make something that resembles a Subsafe and potentially it may work but after seeing so many different DIY versions, we firmly believe that we are the worlds best solution to this problem. We hear it quite regularly that people have decided to make one themselves but after sourcing the material, measure, design, print, manufacture your own version, is it worth the hassle?

We have spent the last 5 years working tirelessly on the product, sourcing the best manufacturers, perfected our design and other factors that make up our products, for a small fraction of what your subs cost, we believe that the best solution is a Subsafe!

If this works for you then superb, you are already one step ahead of us. We have said since the start that Subsafe isn’t for everyone and not everyone is going to want one or buy one.

In our experience, and others, guests just don’t care what your sign says and still will place a drink on your sub!

Yes, we are trademarked.

We currently have two patents pending and hold a European Design Registration.

We are always thinking of other models and ways that we can offer protection for sound equipment.

There are a few shops that you can visit to see Subsafe in person before you decide to buy one. 

All Subsafes are made using the same hinge and work exactly the same way. There are a few differences in finish between the models that we offer:

Standards are made of a black polypropylene material and come with a hole for poles and an exit hole at the back for the cables to come out of.

Customs are made of a high quality, digitally printed, Foamex material that allows 100% customisation. Every aspect of the design is carried out by Subsafe and will only be made when 100% satisfied with the design.

Custom + offers the same level of customisation but the finish is of an aluminium finish on both sides of the panels.

Lux is made using clear/opaque material which was designed for customers with a light to be shone under their Subsafe.

More information can be found by clicking the options under “What are the Subsafe model differences” under “View the Subsafe range”.

Unfortunately we would be unable to get a pair of Subsafes to you that quickly as everything we make is made to order.
There are customisation forms to complete, designs to be created, drafts created and confirmed, material needs to be ordered and then the assembly process is around 3-4 days alone. That’s why we state 6-8 weeks.

Yes, as long as we get your dimensions (the width and depth of your subwoofer) we can create a Subsafe for your subwoofer. Please contact us with your dimensions for a quote via our online form.

Unfortunately, you are liable for all information provided to Subsafe. All the submitted forms with dimensions are stored in a secure folder so no dimensions can be altered. Subsafe is not liable if incorrect information is provided. All our terms are found in our terms and conditions page.

Unfortunately after your design has been signed off via Adobe E-Sign, there is nothing we can do to amend your order. You would have received at least one proof prior to this stage which allows you to amend anything at all regarding your design. Subsafe are not liable for any errors that are contained in the design after the final sign off.

Yes, all the Subsafe models fold flat for easy storage and transportation.

Very light, they weigh around 1/2 kg each.

In all honesty the answer to this is no. The computer programme we have to design the cutting patterns for Subsafe is set to 45 degrees and the jig that we cut the hinges on are set to 45 degrees to match the pattern.

We have looked into this request before and we were quoted £3000+ to have it remade.

We have heard this many times as well as a log burner. It is the only functional shape that works with people being able to see it properly, have graphics and logos easily visible, and to fold flat for easy transportation. Subsafe was never designed to be a Turner winning art piece, its a functional item that stops people putting items on your subs.

The Standards are made from a Polypropylene material, the Customs are made from Foamex, the Custom + are made from Foamex with an aluminium coating on either side of the panels and the Lux are made of a perspex material.

Currently we only offer hinges in black due to having loads of them in our workshop but also for us to have them in white it will cost a small fortune to make as we need to order a minimum amount. This is in the region of £4000.

As they say you can have any colour as long as its black.

The material for the Standards come from Leeds, the hinges are made in Coventry, the Custom panels are made in Glasgow and everything else is designed and assemble in our workshop in Renfrew, close to Glasgow.

We say 6-8 weeks for delivery from order and final sign off via Adobe E-Sign but if we can make them quicker than we will. Due to relying on 3rd party companies and people who take holidays and are closed on bank holidays and other factors out of our control, this delays the process sometimes.

Yes, not everyone has 2 subs so we can easily accommodate single Subsafe orders. Visit our shop for more details on costings

It takes around 6-8 weeks to make and send to you.

Postage to the UK is £20, Europe and USA is £40 and Australia is £60 but please check via our shop on the shipping calculator for a more accurate price.

We send them all the world so no matter where you are, we will have your subs safe!

We need as good a quality image/graphics/logo as possible. That is the secret to a good Subsafe – a good quality image/graphics. We have made designs that are very pixelated and don’t look good when printed.

Yes, its your Subsafe so use your imagination!

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